The Kendall College Trust is dedicated to providing financial support for students of need enrolled in the culinary and hospitality programs at Kendall College.  Scholarships are available for all students who have completed their first academic year of study, maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA, have full-time status, and have demonstrated financial need.

Through the support of donors, the Kendall College Trust can continue to assist students in their pursuit of knowledge. Listed are the current named scholarships, named after our largest supporters, or in honor of someone they admire. The Kendall College Trust and its recipients cannot emphasize the importance our donors have played in so many lives. To you we say, thank you.

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Capitanini Family

Al Capitanini, a Trustee of Kendall College, created this scholarship to honor his grandfather, Alfredo, who emigrated from Italy with little education and started The Italian Village restaurants that still exist today, 85 years later. The scholarship was established as an endowment to help a culinary student in need pursue his or her studies and dreams. Alfredo believed in education and wanted to give a student an opportunity that he was not able to afford himself.

The Catering Executives Club of America

Chaine des RotisseursThe Catering Executives Club of America strives to give back to the community through scholarships for aspiring Kendall College hospitality students striving to achieve a new level in their careers.

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

Chaine des RotisseursThese scholarships were established to contribute to the education of talented Kendall students from the School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality whose professional skills will perpetuate the legacy of gastronomy in the Chicago community.

Christopher Koetke

Lynne Eramo, a former Trustee of Kendall College, along with her husband John,  established this scholarship in July 2009 in honor of Chris Koetke.


FronteraThe Frontera Scholarship, in partnership with Rick Bayless, covers 100% direct tuition costs and is awarded to one candidate every two years pursuing an AAS in culinary arts or baking and pastry at Kendall College. The student must be of first or second generation Mexican-American, and provide supporting documentation, a recent Chicago Public School graduate, and have demonstrated experience in the foodservice industry or taken culinary classes in high school. Proceeds received from events hosted by Rick Bayless and his contributors support the scholarship fund.

Gale Street Inn

FronteraThe Javier Cisneros Scholarship was created by Gale Street Inn in loving memory of the long-time chef who died in 2010. This scholarship is intended to award aspiring and deserving chefs and hospitality professionals of Mexican descent who are pursuing a degree in the Culinary or Hospitality programs.

Helen B. Graham

Ira Graham, a former Kendall College Trustee, created this scholarship in memory of his wife, Helen B. Graham, who died in 1998. Helen was a long-time baker who would bake and gift Christmas cookies annually and deliver them to fire houses, hospitals and neighbors in the Evanston community.

Kendall College Dining Room

The Dining RoomThe Kendall College Dining Room Scholarships are awarded to deserving Kendall College students pursuing a degree in the Culinary and Hospitality programs at Kendall College. Gratuities received from the Dining Room guests help support the scholarship fund.

Kendall College Hospitality Scholarship

The Kendall College Hospitality Scholarship is awarded to a deserving Kendall College Hospitality student pursuing a degree at Kendall College. Proceeds received from events hosted by the school of Hospitality Management support the scholarship fund.


PepsiThe Pespi scholarship program, recently established in 2013, is designed for a Kendall College student pursuing a degree and career in hospitality or business.

Raymond Geraldson Jr.

This scholarship was created when Ray Geraldson retired as Chairman of the Kendall Board of Trustees -- where he served for more than ten years following the footsteps of his father who served as a founding Trustee. The grant is to be awarded to a deserving Kendall College student.

US Foods

US FoodsThis scholarship was established in 2012 to award three deserving Kendall College students pursuing a degree in the Culinary arts, Hospitality and/or Business programs at Kendall College. US Foods makes a positive difference in communities around America through philanthropic activities that are an extension of its culture and part of the company’s heritage.

William Patrick O'Connell William Patrick O'Connell Scholarship -This scholarship was established in the loving memory of William Patrick O'Connell who was inspired by the culinary arts and loved sharing his extensive knowledege of wine with others. The scholarship is awarded to a deserving Kendall College student pursuing a degree in the Culinary or Beverage program.


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The Kendall College Trust, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides scholarships to Kendall College culinary and hospitality students in financial need.