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Thanks from our scholarship recipients and faculty

BeemsterYour very generous award will allow me to continue my education here at Kendall, catch up with a past due balance and offer me a fresh start.

David A. Beemster
School of Hospitality’12
Peninsula Scholar Recipient
July 4, 2011

NiemeyerYour financial assistance has helped to provide me with the resources I need to fulfill my
dream of being a first generation college graduate. Thank you for your generous support
in helping to make my dream a reality.

Michelle Niemeyer
School of Education’12
KCCT Scholarship Recipient
December 11, 2011


TibamanyaquoteWith the help of your continuous generosity, I have been able to complete my Business Degree. I am enormously grateful and I cannot wait to join the real world, work smart and give back to Kendall. Thank you.quote

Eugenia Tibamanya
School of Business ‘12
KCCT Scholarship Recipient
July 12, 2012


SutkayquoteI would like to take the opportunity to thank you for giving me the advice, help and support to make my Kendall career a success.  I will always be grateful.quote

Kathryne L. Sutkay
School of Hospitality ’12
KCCT Scholarship Recipient
July 09, 2012


BelsantiquoteI have not only been helped out a great deal financially but I have received mental support.quote

Patrick Belsanti
School of Culinary Arts’12
Chaine Des Rotisseurs
Scholarship Recipient
August 07, 2012


quoteI would like to take this opportunity and thank you and your committee for selecting me for the Kendall College Scholarship.  I received your letter on Tuesday afternoon in my mailbox.  I could not believe my eyes!    I just cried in the car when I open up the letter and read it.  My dream had come true in being chosen for a Kendall College Scholarship.  I am a nontraditional student who is a slow learner, and it takes me a long time to comprehend information.  It makes me realize I can do anything through God who strengthens me.  I will cherish my letter and put it in a frame.  The Kendall College Scholarship is another major accomplishment in my life.quote

Ms. Anissa S. Butler
School of Education ‘12
KCCT Scholarship Recipient
June 21, 2011